A conference is usually the biggest, most exciting (and stressful!) event in a company’s calendar.  It’s the one time of year that everyone in your organization is gathered together from across the country to network, learn & share their knowledge with each other.  

Our goal is to reinforce your message and to extend the life of the conference by creating a suite of  engaging videos that your delegates will love watching and will want to share with colleagues.  Having a series of videos you can release in the wake of your event keeps the lessons front of mind and the conversations going strong.



Project Management Institute (PMI) were kind enough to allow us to use the videos we'd created for them at their Australia 2016 conference to demonstrate the work we do.  All videos were shot at the two day conference & turned around within three weeks including a quick-turnaround highlights package that was shown to delegates on the second morning of the event.



One of our highest priorities is to create a trailer that captures the mood of your conference.  For multi-day events we offer a quick turnaround edit to be played live on the final day & have a clean edit ready for online distribution within a couple of weeks.  Event Trailers are a great way to generate buzz for next year's conference too, so we also provide a tweaked cut with next year's branding/info to start circulating in the lead up to the next event.


Topic Focus

There are always a couple of sessions that really capture the theme of the conference or cause a stir.  We recut those sessions from an investigative angle; combining stage footage with interviews to keep them short, sharp and to the point.  These videos are designed as an entry point for thought & discussion - to hit upon a few key points to spark your memory and to encourage you to return next year.



There is a huge, untapped reservoir of knowledge at all conferences.  Keynote speakers, major players within your organisation, corporate sponsors & delegates all have unique insights they bring with them.  So much of what makes a conference great happens off-stage and outside the plenary sessions.  We interview as broad a cross section of attendees as possible so that we can capture the most value from your people & increase their own personal stake in the conference itself.



Keynote speakers command an awesome presence on-stage and provide some of the most insightful content at a conference.  Rewatching a keynote online, or trying to get someone else excited enough to watch a keynote has a much higher barrier of entry.  We track your speakers on & off stage to get their unique perspective and distill their key messages down to a few minutes.



Thanks again to the team at PMI for allowing us to use their content one our website. A special thanks to Peter Pavan, Scott Pearce & Yohan De Silva for their help in the lead up to & and at the event.  This is what they had to say about our coverage: