*this package is only possible if you are able to commit your top 6-10 champions, leaders & high performers to fly in two days before the conference begins & stay at the hotel the conference will be held at.  If this is possible below is the structure for the two days*


Right now you have a core leadership team that lead every battle your company faces & determine the overall direction of your future.   They aren't just high performers, they're rockstars - they are what others aspire to be.  Your annual conference is the best time to showcase your leaders but it's always the keynote speakers that walk away the rockstars of the event.  Our workshop is designed to give some of the limelight back to your leadership team.  We do this by highlighting them, acknowledging them and empowering them with stage time via a controlled format - video.  This is one of the most important things we can do for the leaders in your organisation.  They lead without the expectation of acknowledgment, praise, or even just a pat on the back but when appreciation, acknowledgment, praise and that pat on the back is given - the true potential that lies underneath each of your leaders will come to the surface. 

Each of your leaders will be taken through a two day intensive workshop before the conference begins by master influencer Vinh Giang.  At the end of the workshop they'll each have a highly concentrated two minute video that can be shown to delegates during the event.  These videos can be strategically played at the opening and closing of each plenary session throughout the conference which adds an extra layer of cohesion to the whole event.


Excerpt from one of Vinh's Leadership Workshops.


WHy a two minute video?

I speak at over one hundred and fifty conferences a year as a keynote speaker and what I've noticed is when company leaders & champions are given thirty to sixty minutes of stage time a few problems arise.  First, there's not enough stage time to go around.  Second, for people who don't speak on stage often, it's too much time to be effective.  Third, these leaders often get no coaching in this process and that's why they often fail inspiring, educating & entertaining the audience.  By coaching them through an intensive workshop & distilling their thoughts into a two minute video we can create a safe environment where an optimal result can be achieved.


The most important skill set as a leader is communication.  You may be the smartest person on the team but if you do not have great communication skills you do not have the bridge that allows you to deliver the value you have inside of you.  Vinh will take the group through a crash course on how speakers are able to inspire a room of people and move them into action.  The group will immediately apply these newly developed skills with a full video crew.  This is a great personal development challenge for the individuals and the final product adds value to the delegates at the conference.

Day 1:  
9am - 12:00pm - Workshop with Vinh Giang *Keynote Speaker Trade Secrets*
Vinh will be teaching & workshopping:

  • Delivery Techniques
  • Using Storytelling, Metaphors & Analogy to Persuade
  • Uncovering Personal Stories to Influence and Inspire
  • How to Amplify Your Influence and Leadership.
  • Facing Your Fears (being on camera)
  • How to develop the X-Factor

1:00pm - 5:00pm - Filming with Crew
Vinh will continue workshop after Lunch.  Two people at a time will split off from the main group to film their first attempt on camera.

Day 2:
9am - 12:00pm - Workshop with Vinh Giang *Learning From Previous Day's Mistakes*
Vinh will be teaching & workshopping:

  • Learn from Bloopers
  • Group Discussion on Best Practice - discuss their filming experiences from the day before
  • Reinforce and Anchor Previous Day's Content - Hit the weak points from Yesterday
  • Prepare for Second Attempt at Filming

1:00pm - 5:00pm - Filming with Crew
One on one time with Vinh to help those who are having difficulty.  The rest of the group polishes their final script in preparation for final delivery.  Two people at a time will split off from the main group to finalise their video.


More than anyone else at your company, Leaders need to continue to challenge themselves in order to evolve faster than the work place around them.  The very definition of a leader is someone who grows other leaders and that's what we can help you do.



Thanks to the team at PMI Global for allowing us to use their content one our website. A special thanks to Peter Pavan, Scott Pearce & Yohan De Silva for their help in the lead up to & and at the event.  Below are three samples of leaders from PMI.



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