Being a keynote speaker, director and also a magician I've started to discover the common thread that connect these 3 different worlds together. Story telling

You see as a magician if I just perform slight of hand it's not magic, the 'magic' component comes from the magicians ability to story tell and engage in the audiences emotions. 

Now as a speaker if I just go on stage and talk about my accomplishments people won't say it to my face but they will talk about how self-centred I am after I leave. But if I go on stage and tell my story, people feel inspired and motivated! 

As a director if direct a movie that has lots of VFX and jam packed full of action with no story, what happens? People watch the movie but immediately after they forget what happened and the movie has no real impact on the person. 

Through my journey I've started to understand the power behind story, the reason it's so powerful is because it makes people emotional, it makes them feel more alive. A good story is more powerful than you think. Now here is where it all comes together... 

At Luminary we understand a simple premise. Human beings are powered by emotion and not by reason. The essential difference between emotions and reason is that emotions lead to action and reasons lead to conclusions. This is so powerful once you fully understand it. 

As a video production company we aim to create pieces of art that will tell your story, that will lead people to take action. 

-Vinh Giang

Co-founder Luminary Studios