Looking Fancy.

Looking Fancy.

In the video world, to be the best is not just about being the most skilled with a camera or in the edit suite, don’t get me wrong, you do need that solid foundation, but having the right gear for a job can make a night and day difference in the final edit. Being able to pick up twice the amount of footage or fitting an extra location in to a shoot day can save a heap of time and clients $$

We try to pick up at least one bit of new equipment with every job we complete, this keeps our gear up to date and most importantly tailored to the type of work we are doing.

Knowing the right gear for camera movement can take footage to the next level. Wether it’s a slider, tracks, crane, steadycam.. there is always a way to get the perfect shot you’re looking for. 

Audio is something that is often overlooked, but can be a make or break for a professional production. We are always conscious of the type of mic that we are using, the best way to choose the right mic is to know the surroundings that your mic works best, where will it get the least amount of interference and what is likely to cause audio problems. 

Using a reflector is a much faster and more powerful way to light a subject outdoors.. Using a sun gun and making use of the natural light is another fast and effective way to set up controlled lighting on location. 

Having a small secondary camera is a great way to make sure we can get footage anywhere we go. I often use a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera for filming in those tricky places where large cameras are too obtrusive. Combine that with a wireless lapel hidden with a Rode invisiLav mounting system, and some Bose noise cancelling ear buds, I am a ninja ready to capture good video and audio, anywhere I go.

Investing in the right equipment and putting the hours in to be the best at using it, and having the knowledge to choose the right equipment for each job, not only increases the quality of video and audio we pick up, but it allows us to capture more footage in a shorter amount of time. 

Craig Gibbons


Luminary Studios