I had an extremely interesting chat with a good friend of mine who's an artist. I asked him, "How did you become so good at drawing??", He told me that most people seem to think that to become an amazing artist, you need to spend all your time drawing and sketching.  He says to me: 

"To become an amazing artist it's not only about learning how to draw better, it's also about learning how to see better."

This gave me a lot of insight into how I could improve as a director. Directors create an experience for their audience, and if I want to create a better experience, it means that I don't only focus on directing techniques. I need to improve my ability to be able to experience things in my life, in improving my ability to experience life, I will be able to recreate more vivid and powerful videos for my audiences to enjoy. This is a simple lesson but powerful one, I've taken it on board as a director, speaker, magician and entrepreneur. I have seen an immense sense of growth in all areas since I've adopted this mindset.

Vinh Giang


Luminary Studios