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Companies spend a lot of time and money on "customer engagement" and over the last twelve months the corporate world has started to shift its resources to do this via social media.  Up until now, corporates have been cautiously exploring social, only allocating a small amount of their marketing budgets towards it.  Now, it’s rapidly becoming the dominant form.  

I’ve been developing my own social media profile for a while now and I’ve seen the results that time, effort (and expense) have given me.  Knowing that social works for my business is different from knowing that social works for every business however and it’s fascinating to see such a huge shift taking place in larger businesses and see how they’re choosing to tackle social media. 

As a keynote speaker, I get the opportunity to learn from companies all around the world and I get to see how they react to trends and how they position themselves in the marketplace.  From my experience, I feel that many businesses are over complicating social media when it's actually quite simple:

Business has always been about people. We do business with people that we like - we always have - business hasn’t changed. However, the platform in which we do business has changed significantly. 

Not too long ago, if you ate out at a beautiful restaurant and had an amazing experience you may end up telling 5 of your friends at the next get together.  Now, if you eat somewhere amazing you'll post it on Facebook along with a photo of your meal to your 300+ friends on Facebook.  

If we simplify it - "social media" is still people, it’s still about relationships. We just need to learn how to best use these new platforms (ie. Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to engage people.


Relationships used to be built in person, but now relationships can be built online and at scale.


When I give a keynote, I’m lucky enough to be able to build relationships at scale.  With social media, our companies are on-stage & we can scale our customer relationships with ease.

In order to form a connection & build our customer relationships we need to be adding value where they are paying attention.  No one pays attention to TV ads anymore, most people either fast forward ads or they immediately go to their phone when ads are on.  If your goal this year is to engage and develop a more meaningful relationship with your customers then social is your answer. 

If you do some due diligence, you'll find that video is the most engaging format to be creating content.  Just think about what you do on Facebook - Are you just looking mainly at photos or are you watching more videos? What engages you more?  What do you react to ?

As a great marketer somewhere once said "If you get to know yourself, you'll understand your customer."

-Vinh Giang

Co-Founder Luminary Studios