We recently covered the PMI Global Conference 2016 in San Diego. We had a major task of creating a fast turnaround highlights video to be played at the conclusion of the event, which would include footage from the final keynote that was set to finish just minutes before our video was to be played. We were also picking up interview footage from leaders within the organisation, and covering as much as we could of the various breakout sessions, of which at times there were as many as 8 running simultaneously. Oh and did I mention our flight got cancelled the night before and we spend most of the night stuck in Detroit airport. We arrived in San Diego around 4am and got about an hour sleep before covering the full day event and the evenings award ceremony, and the networking dinner at the conclusion. We then stayed up all that night editing the highlights video, l;having a couple of gaps for the footage we knew we would be grabbing in the morning. 

The next morning we were back stage dumping cards as we captured the footage from the final mornings proceedings, and compiled them in to the edit. We got the final cut out to the AV team backstage with about 8 minutes to spare, they had a quick look on their preview monitor and we were ready to rock.

The video was played to conclude the conference for 2016 and was met with great applause, we also took a little pride in the fact that we drew a tear or two from the host and one of the leaders at PMI who was on stage at the time. We have since been swarmed with conference organisers and company directors who saw what we were able to do and want a similar product. They were studded at the quality of the video we were able to turn around in such a shot time, and the fact that the edit included shots from the keynote they had just finished watching!

I think this is just a little reminder to me that all the marketing dollars in the world can never compare to going above and beyond, creating something fast fresh and exciting, and delivering an exceptional product! We certainly made the most of the opportunity to show our product to the 2,000+ audience there and lived by one of Vinhs favourite mottos, “Be soo good they can’t ignore you!”


Craig Gibbons

Co-Founder Luminary Studios