We love working with passionate companies & individuals.  Marketing in 2016 isn't just about showcasing your products and services, it's about sharing your values and beliefs.  When we create a video with you we want to show the world who your business is and what your business stands for. 


APA is branching out with a new online, cloud based offering called PayrollHQ.  We were asked to create a number of fun marketing videos for their new brand to highlight some of the pain points their solution helps to prevent.  Check out our blog post on the shoot here.


Scott Boocock is a South Australian Inventor & Entrepreneur whose radical redesign of the household peg has led him to runaway success.  Scott designed, patented and created the HEG through hard work, innovation and team building & he now inspires others to action and implement their ideas.


HappyCo is a technology company founded in Adelaide, Australia & now based in San Francisco.  One of their flagship products is Happy Inspector - an app that has revolutionised property management & we've created a number of Case Study videos for their biggest clients.


Unwritten Ground Rules is a concept that addresses the often difficult subject of corporate culture head-on & with both barrels.  Steve Simpson, creator of UGRs flew over from Sydney for a two day shoot with us to refresh his promotional content.


Accodex Partners asked us to create a suite of videos for the relaunch of their website in late 2015.  It was great to see how passionate they were about their industry & that they were always looking to see what additional value they could offer their clients.  This is their investor video, one of the 5 videos we created.

PMI Global

We've covered PMI conferences from Adelaide to San Diego, creating fast turnaround content to be played at the conference itself as well as online videos for social media.  The video above was shot & cut over two days to play on the final day of the 2016 North American Leadership Conference.


Mike Walsh is the CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy on designing business for the 21st century. He advises leaders on how to thrive in this era of disruptive technological change.

Mike’s clients include many of the global Fortune 500, and as a sought-after keynote speaker he regularly shares the stage with world leaders and business icons alike


We have worked closely with CDW Studios on dozens of video projects ever since their first workshop back in 2011 & have watched them grow leaps and bounds every year.  This is a highly specialised school (the only one of its kind in Australia) and video has been a key component to their success...although the 80 hour weeks CEO Simon Scales has been putting in over the last 4 years has probably helped a little, too.


Derrick is quite possibly the toughest police officer in South Australia.  He was shot 14 times while conducting an arrest for the Special Task and Rescue branch of the police force.  As soon as he could walk, he returned to part time service & continued to work on his rehabilitation.  His dedication paid off, returning to active duty in the elite STAR Force just a couple of years later.

SA community

SACommunity is a great not for profit project for South Australians.  This video was made to help shine a spotlight on the good work that they do & the organisations they touch.


We have been subcontracted to handle the video requirements for the South Australian Architects Awards the last few years running.  In 2015 we also created the motion graphics for their ultra-ultra widescreen presentations & edited together this highlights package to be ready for delivery as soon as the event closed.


We have worked with the Business School a number of times to highlight their offerings to both students and the commercial sector.  This particular video was captured as a highlights package from Bernard Salt's keynote at the University.


Before Vinh developed Luminary with us, he had been a long-time client under our last business Double Vision Media.  This trailer is one of the many collaborations we've had with him over the last four years.  Vinh continues to push video as a major component within his speaking business  & he subcontracts Luminary to handle all of his video requirements.