Vinh Giang - Founder
I am an Entrepreneur, Director, Keynote Speaker and Magician. I've put together this team because I believe that the future of film & video requires innovation. What got us to where we are today won't get us to where we want to go. My team is highly specialised in catering to SMEs. 

Brecon James - Founder
Brecon has been working in production for the last ten years & is equally at home behind a camera lens or in front of an edit suite. Starting out in TV and later moving into the corporate space he’s worked on documentary, drama, advertising, live broadcast & events.

Craig Gibbons - Founder
Craig is a Cameraman and editor for over 10 years. He worked in TV for 6 years as production manager/lead editor.  Proficient with broadcast cameras, professional lighting, audio engineering and steadicam operator. Skilled editor in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and After Effects.


Ken Harvey - Creative Director

Ken is one of the most versatile members of our team, all around top bloke & has been working with us since we first started.  His BA in film, a lifelong love of cinema and constant perfectionism is the reason he's our lead script editor & creative director. 

Ken loves the entire process of filmmaking and whenever he gets a chance he comes out to lend the rest of the crew a hand on some of our bigger shoots.

Mike Palmer - Events Specialist

Mike Palmer - Events Specialist

Mike has been specialising in multi-camera, live-streamed event filming for many years now, having handled every role from Camera Operator to Technical Director. 

His events experience is second to none and his ability to work under intense pressure makes him the lynch pin whenever we're working on a live production.

Pei Wen - Office Manager & Executive Assistant

Pei Wen is an excellent back-of-house co-ordinator who keeps a close eye on all projects to make sure they are on track and delivered on time.  Having worked in similar roles for a number of years, she keeps our processes efficient & our communication channels open.  

She also has the unenviable task of keeping Vinh’s affairs in order, which used to take a small army to manage before she took over the reins.

Ryan Jones - Digital Marketing & Online Technologies.

Ryan is a digital marketer and web geek experienced in working with small to medium enterprises & Not For Profit organisations.  

Having worked extensively in digital media, online video streaming and startup businesses, We're lucky to have a technology expert with such a diverse skillset on our team.